27 September 2012

~ Clinique Liquid Facial Soap || REVIEW ~

I don't even remember purchasing this product because it was just laying around my drawer for a while and i decided that i want to give my products drawer a spring clean by trying to use up some of the products that i have forgotten about before purchasing anything new. This Clinique liquid facial soap i think i got from sample set a while back when they were doing bonus time but i am not too sure. Regardless, it is suitable for 'combination oily to oily' skin so i am happy to give it a go and see how it turns out for my skin.

First of all, i really love skincare products that has a airtight pump design because it remains hygienic and highly convenient to dispense the product. I also like the frosted texture of the bottle making it feel more sturdy and easier to handle if using it in the shower. You get so much product in one bottle so this will last you for a while. For your information, i have used up just over half the bottle and it has been around a few months now since one pump is enough for each wash. Like most other Clinique products, the scent is very discrete and nothing too heavy which is great if you have sensitive skin or just personally dislike fragranced products for the face.

The consistency of this is a thick gel formulation that can be easily applied all over the face. With the addition of a little water, it turns into a nice gentle lather that is both pleasant feeling and removes make-up. It doesn't dry out my skin like some soaps do, and it leaves the skin feeling soft and supple to the touch. For me, Clinique always wins my heart when it comes to some of their skincare products. They are so simplistic and gives a very clean feeling. Their products are also marginally affordable compared with many other high end brands and they keep their promises in being 100% fragrance and allergy free. If you are looking for a new face wash to try and you have similar skin-type to me, then i would recommend this one. 

What Is Your Favourite Face Wash?
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  1. I wish I had a favourite face wash. I'm actually just finishing up my La Roche Posay cleanser (which was alright) and I need a new one. I'm thinking Sibu...

  2. This sounds lovely but my skin is on the dry side of things at the mo so this might be a bit too drying for me. I love airtight packaging too!


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