22 August 2012

~ My Chanel Disappointment ~

Couple months back i went to a Chanel counter to try out their new collection and a certain eyeshadow called 'amythest' caught my eye on the shelves and i really loved the colour when the lady at the counter applied it onto my eyes. It was the perfect plum purple colour with tiny gold flexes within and i loved it. I decided to cave in and buy it but then a eyeshadow quad containing the very colour i wanted grabbed my attention and i fell in love with the 4 colours and also the packaging with mirror and a pouch. At that time, i thought it was a great idea for travelling and all the colours would all compliment each other so i decided to pick the eyeshadow quad over the single eyeshadow without even trying the colours out because i was in a bit of a hurry. 

The packaging was as pretty as ever which is typical of chanel and as i went home, i removed the outer box carefully and the cover encasing the quad felt really nice and luxurious. I removed the plastic casing and took a few pictures for one of my haul posts. The palette really did look promising with all the colours looking nice and pretty in its pan in little dome shapes sparkling in the light....but the nightmare came when i finally swatched it and not only was it ridiculously shimmery...but it was also not very pigmented at all. I tried applying with my fingers, my brush and even with their sponge tip applicators but the colours did not show up well at all. To be honest, for the price that i paid i am not at all happy with this product besides it's gorgeous packaging and the nice clear mirror on the inside of the lid.

I am very disappointed in this and i feel like i have wasted my money on this and i would not find a use for it. Its such a shame, because i really did have high hopes for it and i really wanted this to work because i know that if the pigmentation was better, it would have been an amazing quad to use with all the colours complimenting each other. However, i am glad that i have learned the hard way and i will never touch Chanel eyeshadows again and stick to their amazing quality lipsticks which i am a big fan of! 

Have you had any disappointing products?
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  1. Have you tried applying primer or base? Perhaps you can apply it wet like baked eyeshadows.. That is very disappointing though, you should at least go back and ask if you got a badly made item. I just googled Chanel eyeshadow swatches and it came out with pigmented results o-o


  2. On no! That sounds horrible! Low pigmented eyeshadows really annoy me cause no matter how you 'dig' into the product, it will never appear vibrant enough.

    As suggested by Dawnelia, a primer and applying it wet sounds like a good idea. However, I would expect nothing than perfect from Chanel!

    Could it be that your quad could be 'faulty'? I'd really suggest going back to a Chanel counter and swatch the tester. If the quality differs, you really should talk to the MUA about your quad! I think talking to the MUA would be the best option as of now.

    Good luck!! =D

  3. How disappointing! :( I've read a few similar reviews on Chanel Quad shadows, saying how bad the pigment is etc.

  4. The colours look gorgeous , such a shame about the pigment :(
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  5. Oh no you must feel really disappointed, it’s a shame you can’t return it. Maybe pop back to the counter and compare it to the testers

    Sarah X

  6. You should definitely take it back! That happened to me with a Chanel blush I was given. I thought it was expired or something.

  7. Very disappointing. Definitely take it back, you spent a lot of money on it, so the quality should be great. The pigmentation is ridiculous, my MUA palette for £3 gives a better colour payoff :(

    I always thought that Chanel's makeup is amazing...

  8. I had the same problem with a Chanel palette and I returned it. They were okay about it at the counter.
    I think Chanel are only good for certain products, but honestly, hardly ever worth the money.

    Thank you for sharing, I love your blog.


    jayj x.

  9. Oh, that's such a shame! It really looks like it isn't very pigmented, and I've heard that about the Chanel quads before. By the way, I really like your blog, your photography is beautiful. I followed. :) x

  10. Oh wow, that is just too bad that the pigmentation is so poor and inconsistency looking! I'm sorry to hear about this bad purchase!


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