18 August 2012

~ My take on Sea-Salt Sprays ~

Due to going out quite alot and frequent use of hot-irons to straighten my hair to perfection, my hair has taken it's toll and started to get quite dry and brittle. So i decided to not use heat on it for a while just to make it look like it's in a better condition. I could have just tied my hair up everyday but i dislike my hair up and prefer my hair to be let down to frame my face more therefore i have chosen to use a hair product that can help shape and style my hair without the use of heat.

Sea salt spray has been quite popular for the summer to achieve the perfect beach waves that looks effortless and pretty. To be honest, the brand that i have used is my first ever sea salt spray so i am not too sure how it compares with other brands out there, although i would like to try the 'bumble and bumble surf spray' because i have seen so many raves on it.

So how do i use this? After i have dried my hair, i spray it evenly all over my damp hair and start scrunching. As i am doing this, i feel that it adds alot of texture to my hair and it creates some volume into my hair too. I do enjoy the feel of this in my hair, it has a non-sticky or greasy formula and the scent is quite appealing too. This doesn't weigh my hair down and i do appreciate that seeing that alot of product make my hair extra flat and make it extremely oily after a few hours! This sea salt spray is at an affordable price compared with other leading brands out there and it has lasted me through many uses so it is really value for money! I recommend this for girls out there who wants to give their hair a break from heat and damage and give it some more love. This is also very great for when you are in a hurry, just spritz all over, scrunch a bit and leave to dry naturally in order to get effortless simple waves 

Have you tried any Sea-Salt sprays?
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  1. I use this salt spray too, I really like it and will probably repurchase as I'm nearly out of it! I want to try the Bumble and Bumble one too but I've heard it's not good for dry hair :-(

    Emily x

  2. Hmm, I'll have to consider buying something like this, as I want to be nicer to my hair! >.< Also, what kind of eyeliner are did you use in these photos? It looks really good :)

    xx Veronica


  3. Yeh, after using less heat on my hair, my hair got healthier. :3

    If you have time, check out my blogsale :)

  4. It looks like it really helps you get sexy beach hair! :) Great for summer and it's good that it doesn't weigh down your hair with product.

  5. This sea salt spray really helps to create the beachy hair look and it gives some volume too. I tried another sea salt spray but that totally made my hair crunchy, so I haven't tried another one since. Maybe I should check this one out.


  6. Great review! love your blog and just started following! Hope you can come stop by my page and follow as well!


  7. Your hair looks really nice like this. I might need to find myself a salt spray now:)



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