6 August 2012

~ My July Favourites ~

Another month has passed by so quickly and it is time for my July favourites. This month i have been sticking to my holy grail products that i know will work for me since i cannot afford any major break outs during my graduation day, so therefore i haven't tried many new products as i would have liked. However, i have managed to pick a handful of items that i have been loving for this month and cannot stop using. 

Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser Oil-Free
This month we have had a short period of heat wave and i felt that using a tinted moisturiser was more appropriate compared with my heavier Lancome foundation that i usually use because i found that the humid weather was drying out my skin. This is the best tinted moisturiser i have used and i love the fact that it doesn't make me look extra greasy like some tinted moisturisers tend to do. Definitely recommend it to those with an oily complexion

L'occitane hand cream in cherry princess
Fell for this handcream not because of the greatness of the product, but for the scent. I love this scent and i am planning to go ahead and purchase the Eau de Toilette for it too. If you haven't smelt this, you have to go check this out. On a more serious note, this hand cream is very great quality and absorbs very quickly without leaving any greasy residues. Another great thing about L'occitane is that the handcreams does 3 for 2 offers, well at least when i bought them. This product really rivals my Soap n Glory Handfood.

Lancome Hypnose doll eyes waterproof
(Reviewed here already) Rediscovered this forgotten product when i was clearing out my make-up draw. As said before, i love the wand because it could get to all my lashes and because these hot days i tend to skip eyeliner, my lashes have been very important to add definition to my eyes. The mascara on its own is alright i suppose, but i tried using it with an eyelash primer and it really does make the product more effective and my lashes looking more luscious. 

LUSH lemony flutter cuticle butter
The nice hot weather means plenty of days sunbathing in the sunshine and looking after my skin to prevent sunburn has been more important than looking after the condition of my hands. More frequent changing of nail polishes meant that my cuticles were extremely dry and horrible looking, but thanks to this product, it perfectly nourishes and after a day or two of using this, my cuticles have returned back to normal condition. A little goes a long way and i think that this pot will last me forever because there is so much product in it. Another bonus of this product is that it smells amazing and refreshing!

The Body Shop born lippy lipbalm - Strawberry and Blackcurrant
My friend bought the strawberry one for me and i loved it so much that i went ahead and bought the blackcurrant one soon after. I have always been a fan of their 'born lippy' lip-balms ever since i was a teenager just starting out with make up and cosmetics. However, i have always disliked the way i had to always dig my fingers into the pot in order to get the product out therefore a couple of pots in the past was just as far as it went for me. Recently they brought out this stick forms and i rushed to try them and the formulation is the same great quality. It gives minimal colouring and the texture is very creamy and long lasting. 

YSL Touche Eclat: shade 2.5
Been wanting to try this product for absolutely ages and last month i finally caved in and purchased this! Due to the lack of sleep, my dark circles have been quite bad recently and i found that this helped with brightening and concealing the area under my eyes. I really like the click pen mechanism so i can slowly build up the product rather than applying way too much in one go.

Hope you are enjoying your summer. What are some of you favourites right now?

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  1. I love the Lancome Hypnose doll eyes!! :)



  2. Nice favourites this month Ying! I've been wanting to try that Lush cuticle butter for a while now, I think I'll probably buy it for this winter. And I definitely need to try the hypnose doll eyes, it has been on my wish list forever!

  3. The lush cuticle butter is one of my all time LUSH favourites, i always love doing a huge haul in there! I'm also a huge fan of Soap & Glory so I'd definitely be tempted to try the L'occitane cream! Great finds! xoxo

  4. Ooooo those lip balms sound good, I'll have to have a look at those, congratulations on your graduation, good luck for your future plans xx


  5. Great favourites hun :) The doll eyes mascara sounds interesting and will check your full review out :) Aww I will keep my fingers crossed for your graduation it would be sods law wouldn't it?


  6. I want everything on your favourites! I'm dying to try the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser but it's far too expensive for me to justify buying only to try! xx

  7. Great post, i really want to try the tinter moisturiser & hand cream!

    Sarah xx

  8. good choices, I want to try that lipbalm!


  9. Been using the Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturiser as well for the past month and I've been loving it! I prefer it over my BB creams now. :-)


  10. great post! I've tagged you in the leibster award on my blog, hope you can do it!:-)
    http://heyrosalee.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/the-liebster-award-for-upcoming-bloggers.html xx

  11. great choices, i also have that waterproof mascara and i really love it ^^


  12. Ahhhhh. Everytime I look at LUSH products I try to avoid them because I know they rip holes in my wallet, yet still can't resist because of the adorable packaging! -__- The cuticle cream looks amazing and I like that its refreshing lemon! Omg what to do..

    I just stumbled on your blog and you remind me of Bubzbeauty a lot! So cute :)

    Let me know if you want to follow each other!! I would be so honored.

    NingNing | UnderratedGemsStyle
    NingNing | UG Style on Facebook

  13. The cherry scented hand cream looks divine - and the tube is so cute! It looks a little bit like an art paint tube ^^

  14. I have the Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer and I really like it!! It just evens out my skin tone so well and it feels so light on the skin!! I haven't smelled the Cherry Princess scen before. I must go check it out the next time I go to a mall.

    The RMK 15th anniversary palette looks quite sheer on me but one of my readers commented that the coverage is more towards medium on her. So maybe it's my skin? It's still a cute palette though and I do like it for when I want to wear a subtle eye look. The packaging sealed the deal for me. It is too cute for me to resist.


  15. I really want to try that tinted moisturizer, heard so much, it sounds too good, I need to try it soon!! And lancome mascaras are amazing but I've been loving Heroine mascara. Those lip balms, I wish I could try them, I love the idea of lots of moisturize with some color :)


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