13 August 2012

~ My Summer Essentials ~

So the weather has been a bit on the brighter side these few days and yay for the sunshine finally appearing in our lives. However, great weather comes with a greater dependance on sun protection and prevent looking like a hot mess. I personally like to soak up the sun rays and get a nice decent tan, but i know that it is really bad for the skin without any sun protection and it can really damage the skin and lead to premature ageing. I should be taking precautions now that i am in my early 20s because"prevention is better than cure!". I like to use a high SPF for my face and a slightly lower one for the rest of my body. I don't burn that easily like some other people, therefore i feel that my sun protection factor doesn't need to be too high as im scared that it will block up my pores etc. So this post i am going to share with you the products that i rely on during the hot summer days which helps me to survive and keep cool~

- Clinique SPF40 face cream -
I use this when UV rays are extremely high on very hot days because i feel that i need that extra protection to prevent my face from getting damaged. I think that using extra sun protection on the face is very important, because the sun can cause you to get freckles or sunspots which i really do not want at all! This face cream comes out quite thick when you squeeze it out like tube, much like the conventional suncreams you get, but as you rub it into your face it feels really refreshing and gets absorbed very quickly and doesn't feel heavy at all. 

- Shu uemura underbase mousse -
On hot days, the last thing i would want is heavy products on the skin like therefore i think this underbase mousse is perfect for the occasion and i hate that the weather hasn't been good enough for me to use this more often. It is a very lightweight mouuse that applies a thin coating to your face. As well as providing a nice moisturised base and brightens your complexion, it also has a high SPF factor of 30PA++ which is essential to prevent sun spots and freckles from developing. I have the Pink version of this product which i believe is meant to make you appear more radiant and have a whiter complexion, but there is a normal beige version which is standard and doesn't have much light reflecting particles. The product smells very nice too and it is easy to apply evenly across the face so i really recommend this during the summer time!

- The Body Shop Vitamin E spray -
The cheaper alternative to the expensive Caudalie Beauty Elixer which i still want to try out soon but don't want to spend so much money on it and have read some mixed reviews on it so i am kind of still pondering. However, this Body shop facial mist doesn't fail to impress with its reasonable price and does exactly what it is supposed to it. I use it when the weather is hot and humid in order to rehydrate my skin to leave me feeling more refreshed. This product smells lovely of rose water too which i really like and enjoy using it everytime. A refreshing sensation and in a small bottle, it is great for popping into your handbag along with your essential summer survival products. It is also ideal for setting make-up too packed with beneficial Vitamin E ingredients to soften and protect the skin.

- Evian facial spray -
Much like the body shop facial spray, this has a refreshing and hydrating purpose. This is more suitable for individuals with more sensitive skin as well as those who prefers fragrance free natural products on their skin. Packaged in an aerosol can, i feel that this product has more of a cooling sensation and the mist is much more lighter than the standard facial sprays which feels somewhat denser. However, i cannot believe the price of this judging by the fact that this is just water in a can with no added beneficial ingredients therefore this is a one off buy for me and i will probably delve into more products that have beneficial properties for the skin to try out.

What are your summer essentials?
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  1. Evian ftw! <3 :)


  2. you should do a post on the shu uemura mousse, I never heard of it but it seems very interesting. I also like the avene thermale water in place of the evian, They do the exact same thing though:P

  3. The Shu Uemura Mousse sounds really nice. I love thermal water too, I'm using a Vichy one at the minute.

  4. I've tried quite a few things from The Body Shop Vitamin E range, they've all been quite nice! I adore facial sprays in summer! xx


  5. Evian <3
    That's also my fav mineral water for drinking :)


  6. The Shu Uemura under base mousse sounds interesting! I love the Evian facial spray. It may just be water in a can, but it feels so damn good.

  7. great post, nice products honeyyyyy



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