30 July 2012

~ Worst nail polishes i've experienced ~

Revlon colorstay nail polishes, with a vast range of colours displayed in an amazing shelf in boots. I fell for the new sleek straight bottle packaging as opposed to their original packaging with the wider bottom. Also, the offer of 3-for-2 tempted me to try these out. So, these nail polishes are sold as being 'long-wear nail enamels' and also free from alot of harmful chemicals which is stated in a really tiny small print at the back of the bottle. At £7.99 each, i took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer and picked 3 colours that i do not already own a similar one to. I got home and i was so excited to try them out and have a new colour on my nails. I must say that the colours look amazing in the bottles but i do not think the formulation adds up to the sleeker and sophisticated packaging.

Firstly, i noticed that the nail polish was too thick and it was extremely difficult to work it. It was streaking like crazy and the nail polish itself did not allow me to apply a smooth layer onto my nails. Ok fair enough, it was difficult to work with, but seeing that it was a 'long-wear nail polish' i thought that the longevity would pay off but to my disappointment, it chipped within a day of wear even though i used a topcoat. Regretting getting all 3 of the colours because they are all the same and so difficult to apply and achieve a nice finish. It also took forever to dry and sometimes the final effect was so horrible that i had to remove it right after i applied. 

For so many years i have experimented with nail polishes from different brands, i have to say that this is the worst nail polish ever. I do own a couple of the original Revlon nail polishes and although they did have a tendency to form bubbles, they were manageable during application and has a average lasting power. Maybe because i have a high expectation from Revlon which is why i am so disappointed with these! But i think i should stick to BarryM and Rimmel drugstore nail polishes because i know that they are really good quality and wear.

Have you tried Revlon Colorstay nail polishes? 


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  2. lovely nail colours.
    I have some from Relvon too!
    and they have ok quality - not as good as Chanel...but can't ask for too much for the price.

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  3. The colors look gorgeous, but I've already heard quite a few bad reviews about these ones...

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  4. That's a shame about application, I would expect more for £7.99 you can get Essie for the same price in boots which sound like a better quality nail colour :-)

    Sarah x


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