23 July 2012

~ A handful of empties + Reviews : July ~

Moving back from university accommodation to back home has made me realise just how much products i have and i am on a mission to use up some of my products to clear up some space..or you could say 'shop the stash' as i am aware of a tag that is quite popular around the beauty community. I must say that within around a month, i have done quite well and cleared out quite a few products and i always get that satisfaction when i use the last blob of product in the tube or container. On top of that, i have also been trying to not buy as many products that i don't actually need in order to try not to counteract the fact that i am trying to clear out my beauty drawers. So here are the empties that i have collected so far and i am going to give a brief summary for them and also whether i would repurchase or not.
- Chi Keratin Mist: Bought this from 'Sally's beauty' a while ago but because of the great amount of product in this, i found it quite hard to finish. Made my hair feel stronger and healthier but not too sure if it is placebo although my mum did comment that my hair was shinier when i used this. Repurchase? Nope, simply because there are many more good haircare products available that i would like to try out.

- The Body Shop cocoa butter hand and body lotion: This cute travel size cream was great to carrying around with me when i am out just incase i need that extra moisture when i am on the go. Smells great but i find the consistency to be a bit thinner than i would like. I am glad that i got this in a travel size and not a full size because i feel that this left a slight greasy finish to my skin after application. Will i repurchase? Nope, because not thick enough and left a greasy film.

- Garnier Simply essentials 2-in-1 make-up remover: By far the best make-up remover ever to get rid of my stubborn waterproof mascara! I used to use the MAC eye make-up remover, but this just so much better and i cannot believe that i did not discover this sooner. Removes my make-up with ease and this inexpensive bottle lasts for a long time. Will i repurchase? definitely yes because of the reasonable price and the good quality of the product although i am still on a hunt for a less oily make-up remover that does the job well.

- Dove Original deodorant: This has been my go-to deodorant for a couple years now and i have been using this back to back. However, this one time that this was out of stock, i delved in the 'Sure' brand. I prefer the smell of sure and my boyfriend also commented and said that he preferred this smell too. Will i repurchase this? Possibly, although i am leaning more towards the Sure range now.

- Soap and Glory Breakfast scrub: Oooooh, thinking about the smell of this just makes me want to give this a sniff. Soap and Glory does the most amazing products with the most divine scents ever! I cannot stress enough how much i love this pot of wonder. It exfoliates well, smells yummy and does not leave that greasy layer after. Very enjoyable to use and makes you smell lovely. I would say that the only downside to this is the price-tag, hurts my purse every time i make a purchase and even the 3 for 2 offer doesn't help much. Would i repurchase? Yep i will eventually, when my bank account is healthier.

- Origins Zero oil pore purifying toner x2: Favourite toner for a year now and have used up a total of 3 of these already. However, my skin has taken a turning within these few months and i don't even know why. I have started to acquire dry skin and i feel that this toner no longer benefits me and dries out my skin even more. I absolutely love the distinct peppermint smell of this, but i am quite sad that i cannot continue using this as it is too dehydrating for my newly developed dry skin. However, i have found a new toner which i absolutely love, but i will feature in a post in due course. Will i repurchase? No because it is unsuitable for my skin type now and i honestly do find it being a bit too harsh and i prefer something a little bit more gentler for my skin nowadays.

- Vo5 Miracle mist: I bought this alongside the infamous hair oil also by Vo5. This smells great but i didn't find it that effective on my damaged hair. I also felt that it was quite heavy on my fine thin hair so it was definitely a thumbs down for me. Regardless, i use this mostly on the ends of my hair and i have finally finished this! Was quite difficult to use up in my opinion. Will i repurchase this? No because i think it doesn't cut out as a miracle mist and i am quite disappointed with Vo5 as i usually love their products.

What are some of the products your trying to use up?


  1. Its a sham the Origins toner doesn't work for you... Try the Body Shop Tea Tree toner... I swear by it and its only £5.00 x


  2. Great blog! Particularly like the recommendation for the origins toner. Perfect present for a friend of mine!


  3. Great post Ying! It feels so good when you use up beauty products! I like reducing my collection :) xx


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