12 July 2012

~ My beloved Jo Malone Fragrances ~

Jo Malone Cologne: Grapefruit 100ml
Jo Malone Cologne intense: Dark Amber & Ginger Lily 100ml

I've always lusted over the Jo Malone fragrances but they are really expensive so it has been remaining  on my wish-list for quite a while rather than in my perfume collection. However, one shopping trip with my amazing boyfriend changed this! I have always been going on and on about Jo Malone fragrances and how much i really wanted to own one so one day when we walked past the counter at Selfridges, he actually told me to sit down and try them out. The lady that served me was very friendly and informative. I got sat down and i was given a little cute black Jo Malone pouch for me to put any of my jewellery that i was wearing in so that i can test out the products properly on my arms. 

On the desk was nice clean fluffy towels laid out and i was really excited to start my experience. She started off by asking me what kind of scent i preferred and what kind of scent i was after that day. I told her that i am usually a fresh-florally kind of girl but i want something a bit more grown up and different. 
After telling her that, she grabbed several bottles of their colognes which included 2 black bottles and 2 clear bottles.

She first told me to smell the fragrances individually and although they smelt quite nice, they were really nothing special and i was embarrassed to tell her that the scents were not really spectacular. But then, the magic happened, she started mixing the perfumes together.She allowed me to smell the two combinations and to my amazement, they smelt totally unique and not anything that i smelt before. She applied the combined fragrances on both my arms to try and depict which one i preferred more and after discussing with my boyfriend (to try and involve him in the process i suppose) i chose this combination because although the other combination smelt nice too, i felt that this scent was unique to what i already have in my perfume collection. 

Overall, i enjoyed learning about perfume layering and the whole experience was very fun and relaxing choosing my personal fragrance. However, my heart sank when i asked about the price.....the clear bottle cologne i chose was £76 for 100ml and for the dark bottle which was a cologne intense was £95 for 100ml. I did really loved it and after trying it out on my skin, i felt that this scent was really what i needed but it was too expensive...way too expensive for fragrances so i asked her to write the products down so i can purchase it at a later date. But, my boyfriend told me that he will treat me and buy it for me as a graduation present and a 5 years anniversary present! The lady was boxing up the perfumes while i was just shocked and felt awful that my boyfriend spent so much money on me. She also gave me a small pot of one of their body cremes in pomegranate noir which consisted of a generous amount of product in it. My Boyfriend spoils me so much and i am very grateful. I have been using these colognes non-stop since i brought it and have received many compliments from friends and family :) 

What do you think about Jo Malone products?


  1. Aww what a lovely boyfriend you have! Wow that whole experience must have been amazing! Sounds like a lot of fun! I've always wanted to try Jo Malone fragrances they look fantastic x

    Simple Beauty Bag

  2. Awww, your boyfriend is a keeper :) I would love to get my hands on Jo Malone perfumes!

  3. Your boyfriend scores some serious brownie points! ;) The process of producing these sounds really interesting, I've never tried them myself but hope to in the near future. Thanks for posting Ying! :)

    xx Veronica


    1. *** I also meant to ask:

      Do you have twitter? If you did I would definitely follow you!

  4. the jo malone packing is so chic, i love it! :) i have a feeling that the grapefruit one is gonna be right up my alley. great post!


  5. Lucky girl :) I really need to get my grubby paws on some Jo Malone.

  6. Lucky lady! I'm lusting after another one of their perfumes now, I'm unfortunately on a spending ban though! xx


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