10 August 2012

LUSH 'catastrophe cosmetic' REVIEW

Upon finishing my Brazened honey fresh face mask from LUSH, i thought that i would give another one a try but this time i opted for the 'Catastrophe cosmetic' which includes fresh blueberries, almond oil and lots of other goodness. I thought that this mask would be perfect for me because i have a few pimples and break outs from the lack of sleep and poor diet and also because the sales assistant informed me that this face mask would be very good at reducing those.

So i bought it and i was very excited to use it because i really wanted to rid these annoying blemishes on my face as make-up was not enough it up because it was bumpy. First of all, the scent is a little bit too overpowering for me and i believe that it smells a little like ammonia from hair-dyes if you get what i mean. Furthermore, it was a pain to apply and bits of blueberries kept on falling off my face and it was virtually impossible to apply it smoothly onto my face without it getting too messy so thats another downside to it i guess. At this point, i thought to myself that if the product works, it will be worth it in the end.

The mask i was planning to leave on for 10-15 minutes like advised by the lady at the store and what i am used to doing but after approximately 5 minutes, i noticed weird clay substances dropping on the desk in front of me. Yes the mask has dried and crumbled quite badly. I couldn't wash it off anymore quicker because i didn't want it to get all over my carpet too. Washing it off made a big mess too since the clay consistency was quite difficult to get off. 

My final verdict was that this mask did not do anything for my skin, not even softening...and what is the worst about it is that it broke me out really badly. Never have i reacted so badly to any product. Since using this, i have had a total of 6 big spots and 3 of them were like volcanoes (Sorry to be so graphic here, but its just got to be stated so you know the extent i went through). I did not change any of my usual skin cleansing routine so i am sure that it was this mask which caused this massive outbreak. Not very happy with this at all and i am planning to go back to LUSH to exchange it for another one. 

As always, this product did not work for me but it may work for you. Maybe it was a bit too harsh for my sensitive skin but i really do not recommend this product to people. There is nothing fresh, nothing gentle about this at all. Thumbs down to LUSH on this product.

What are you thoughts on LUSH products?

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  1. I think Lush face masks are nice but it annoys me as I only use them once a week and I end up with quite a bit of waste past the use-by date! xx

  2. EEEK! Sorry this didn't work out for you. When I use Lush masks I always plan to put them out 20-25 minutes before I shower. It is a lot easier to remove them when you aren't worried about making a mess :P I loved Brazened Honey and I too want to try a different mask. Let me know what you return it for! :)

    xx Veronica

  3. my worst nightmare is if any product breaks me out. i've never tried lush products so i can't say but sorry to hear that the product wasn't very good >< for pimples, i usually use queen helene mint julep mask..followed by a beauty diary mask. that usually helps calm down those pimples a bit! give it a try. keep in touch <3

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

  4. I'm sorry to hear you didn't get on with this face mask, sounds like a disaster! It's one of my favs, but only because I can see a difference to my skin when I use it xx


  5. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Here is the link to my post http://theconvenientbeauty.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-liebster-blog-award.html

    xx Joanne

  6. Oh dear, that's terrible! I haven't tried any of the Lush masks, simply because of the whole use-by date thing (I know I'll end up wasting a lot of product!)but this puts me off too.

  7. I have also found that lush products are either a huge hit or miss. Of all the masks I've really enjoyed Hair Doctor and Oatifix. You should check them out, I would definitely vouch for them.


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