7 July 2012

~ June Faves ~

This month has passed by so quickly and many things have happened during this month for me since finishing university and moving back home from my flat. Packing from my flat made me realise that i have so many products that i need to use up and many make-up products that i have neglected, therefore for the month, i have dug up some products that i haven't used for a while in a hope to finish them and rediscover my love for them. 
+ E.L.F high definition powder: I love this powder for setting my make-up because it is so finely milled and leaves a nice soft finish to the skin. It is also very affordable too seeing that it is ELF, but not very portable due to its large container size.

+ The Body shop Cocoa butter hand and body lotion: This is a small bottle that i purchased a while back thinking that it would be handy in my handbag, but instead i realised i just neglected it when i purchased my Soap and Glory Handfood. However, this month i have used this constantly and i have loved it so much because it is so moisturising and non-greasy.

+ The Body Shop Body butter - strawberry: Another body shop product. As you can tell, i am a big fan of body shop products because i feel that their pricing are reasonable and their products are always great quality. This strawberry body butter smells divine and the product absorbs into the skin very quickly and leaves you smelling nice throughout the day!

+ Mac Paintpot in Rubenesque: This is a new purchase for me and i have love it ever since. Sometimes i just use it alone for a quick pop of colour for when i am on the go or just running errands, and sometimes i layer on eyeshadow on top to enhance the colour and make it more long-lasting. Amazing colour and amazing formulation.

+ No 7 Shine Free primer: There were a few hot days during the month of july and sometimes i feel that my Oily skin makes look like a grease ball within a few hours of my make-up application. However, i feel that with this primer it helped with the longevity of my make-up and stops me looking too shiny as quickly. Worth the purchase if you have a No7 voucher from boots too.

+ The Body Shop Vitamin E face mist: As with before, in the humid and hot weather, skin can easily be dehydrated, therefore this comes in handy to prevent the skin from drying out. Also, it is very refreshing to spritz on your face when your really hot and bothered to liven you up and cool down. Affordable and can probably be a cheaper alternative to the expensive facial mists in the market.

+ Lancome Tonique Douceur: I've been using my beloved Origins zero oil toner for the past year and recently i have noticed that it is a little bit too drying for my skin. I received this toner as a sample and i have been loving it. It is gentle and smells great without it being too overpowering like the Origins one. I can safely say that i will be purchasing the full sized product when i finish this travel sized one.

+ Clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief: I have been suffering from a few dry patches from the humid weather these days. I needed a richer moisturiser since most of my light moisturisers made for oily-skin wasn't enough. I enjoyed using this so much at night. It is non-greasy and had the right consistency with it neither being too thick or too thin. This didn't break me out and i was happy with how my skin felt the morning after.

+ Garnier eye make-up remover: Not much to say about this product apart from it does its job very well. It is very gentle and not greasy as all. I use this on days where i have minimal eye make up and this just removes all traces thoroughly. Inexpensive and extremely kind to around the delicate eye area.

+ Samsung Galaxy S3: My contract ended for my iphone 4 so i upgraded to the samsung galaxy s3. I am loving the phone so much and it is much more lighter in weight despite of its larger size compared with the iphone. Still getting used to the interface though as it is quite a bit different from the iphone. 

What are you favourites for this month?

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  1. have you used bioderma for makeup removing? I wonder how the garnier one compares. I love bioderma but it is so expensive!

  2. Ooo seems like all lovely products. I love body shop's creams!! I haven't tried the face mist before might have to check it out :)

  3. I love love love the Clinique moisture surge!

  4. Now I'm totally buying the TBS facemist :)

  5. I have the body shop cocoa butter moisturising stick! I love it because you don't have to touch the moisturiser, it just rolls on!


  6. Fantastic post Ying! I really want try the face mist! :)

    xx Veronica


  7. I am such a sucker for face mists, the Body Shop one sounds lovely :) I've been eyeing Rubenesque for a while ever since I saw it being used in a Pixiwoo video, it looked super gorgeous applied to the lids :)

  8. i've never tried body shop lotions or butter's but it's nice to ehar that they're moisturising and non-greasy. maybe i'll try it out next time! ouu i love no.7 products. i really like their face moisturizers for daytime. i'll have to give that primer a try next time since you said that it helps with longevity of make up and the shiny prevention factor!

    keep in touch <3


  9. I LOVE the Elf HD powder, it makes my face feel so soft and the powder is so fine. I've ran out of mine this has reminded me to go order a new one! Great post I'm following you! xx

    Simple Beauty Bag


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