7 March 2012

~ Viva Glam Nicki Minaj ❤ ~

Yepp~ It's the New viva glam lipstick brought to us by M.A.C and this time instead of Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper, it's Ricky and Nicki. I skipped out on Ricky's lip conditioner as i didn't really feel like it was an essential for me. But i purchased this Nicki Minaj lipstick which is a fun hot colour and very "scene stealing"! This lipstick is a satin lipstick described as a "Bright Yellow pink" colour. It retails at £13.50 but the money goes towards "helping women, men and kids everywhere infected by HIV and AIDS" so i guess that you don't feel as guilty since the money is going towards a good cause! When i first opened the lipstick to see the colour, i was like 'omg this is so bright i can never wear it' It's definitely scene stealing, MAC was right, it is a deep hot pink colour almost raspberry- like. However knowing that it's a satin finish (more opaque than lustres) i applied lightly and the colour it gave was really nice and suttle. I am not a person who likes bold colours so just a few light dabs of this lipstick on my lips worked nicely to give me the pretty berry stained colour. (see swatched below) The formula wasn't too drying aswell and i noticed throughout the day that it stained my lips aswell. Great lipstick even if you are not into bright lip colours, but the colour is buildable so if your feeling a bit daring one day you can have that bold lip colour; but if not you can always pair it up with a nude lipgloss to tone it down a notch. I am glad i bought this lipstick and it is great to add to my collection because i will soon be wearing more of it when it's warmer and it would look great in the summer! <3

Have you got yours yet? or are you still deciding?

Thank you for reading and i hope you have a great day! <3



  1. ah! so jealous that you got this! I have to wait for my next pay check before I purchase this lol. Thanks for visiting my blog! You've got a new follower :). follow back?


    1. i am already a follower of you :) i love your blogposts! <3 well you have time to go to the store to try it out first before you buy :) Debenhams is 10% off all beauty and fragrances now, incase you didn't know ^^ x

  2. Love, love this colour - its so pretty. Dont really think I can afford to send 13.50 on it, though.. Might have to look for alternatives;)
    Im a follower. Love the blog xo

  3. I love love love this lipstick. Enjoy! = ) cute blog btw.

    check it if you have time, also you have a new follower

  4. Hi Ying! you totally look like bubz from your profile picture and that lipstick looks pretty! I like it on you! I would buy it but it looks very similar to Lady Gaga's Viva Glam Gaga in pictures I'll check it out the store :)

  5. I wanted this lipstick but was abit worried it would be too loud, but you have applied it really well and it looks a gorgeous colour that isnt to loud so I am definitely going to get this.

    Just found your blog, its brilliant, am now following xxx



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