6 March 2012

~ Obsessed with Gossip Girl ❤ ~

I know it has really been a while since the hype of these nails inc's collaboration with gossip girl nail polishes but i purchased these a few months ago but never really done a blog post of them. Recently i have dug it back out of my nail polish draw and rediscovered my love for it. These polishes came in a dual set for £20 each; and i believe that are three different shades available to choose from (Blair, Lilly and Serena). I loved all the shades but there is no way that i was purchasing all of them since i don't want to be too greedy hehe! To be very honest, i am not a huge fan of the 'nails inc' nail polishes as i find them quite hard to apply and the brush is quite difficult to use and control but i just bought it because of its unique finish it gave.

The effect it gives is amazing and i have received alot of compliments on them everytime i wear them. It gives off green and blue flexes of colour in different lights and angles due to the hand cut particles which are all in random shapes and sizes. The photos just doesn't do its justice and i can assure you that the real thing is like 10 times better.
Not sure if these are available still but if they are, then this is something which is definitely quite different for your nails :) I would give it 5 stars for the finish it gives and bonus credits goes towards the polish's longevity as there are no signs of chipping and it has been a week and a half now!

Thank you so much for reading and i hope you have a great day


  1. That is a lovely nail colour! :-)



  2. Wow. You're nail shape is really nice. I've always wanted to have a rectangular-shaped nails coz my nails are the roundy type. You're so pweetty :)

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