1 March 2012

~ A bit of magic from Topshop! ~

Oh my goodness~ when i was out shopping for my birthday dress yesterday, i stumbled across this product which i didn't anticipate to find at all. Normally, i am not into topshop make-up since i really dislike their packaging but thats just my opinion, since i am sure theres plenty of others out there who doesn't mind the packaging! This was on the shelf and it was like the biggest eye-candy to me, literally. It was so cool and pretty in a sense that it was almost jelly candy looking yet it has tiny glitter particles infused with it. The crystal pink colour definitely caught my attention so i already kind of decided that i wanted to purchase it. Well, to be fair, it is a lovely lip-tint/ lipbalm product which claims to react with your skin to create a unique shade (I guess the concept is kind of like the well-known Dior Lip Glow). 
This lip product seemed to be really sheer and swatching the product on my hand gave hardly any colour pay off, but a slight pink tint when heavily swatched.
Regardless....the impulse buyer that i am, i bought it for £9 since the consistency was really smooth and moisturised my lips nicely. However, when i was paying, i realised that the swatch on my hand is starting to turn darker and more of a darker pink! i was so surprised and it also kind of proved that the product did work and it wasn't just a false claim. I was really happy with it when i realised my lips were tinted in a nice pink shade so thumbs up to the product working eventually.
The concept is not really amazing or unique, i do regret spending the £9 (well i got 10% student discount to be precise, so its £8.10) on this product that i didn't really need but just fell for the novelty...but i am sure i can get more usage out of it when the summer comes and lip colours can be more vibrant and fun. I would recommend this product if your into new products and like to have something which is different from whats already available in the market, but the usefulness of this product is not that great since the moisturising balm is quite thin and re-application is needed frequently. 

Have you guys got this product? or are you willing to give it a try?

Thanks for reading and i hope you have a great day! <3


  1. Omg this is amazing ha! I literally need this in my life, soo pretty xx

  2. I've never thought much of Topshop makeup, just like how I haven't tried L'oocitane's! haha. Nice to know that it is actually use-able! Maybe I will check it the next time I pass by.

  3. That is so pretty! I have never seen a lipstick like that before. Its almost jelly-like with shimmer in the middle. Its so pretty! I wish I had a TopShop near me because I would love to get my hands on that lipstick. Its gives off such a pretty pink tint.

  4. what a coincidence. I was about to purchase this last week! lol


  5. Aww, thats too bad it didnt turn out that great. I'd prob have gotten it for the packaging...lol it's really pretty! Haven't got to try any top shop products just yet! They're more expensive here...I really want to try their cream blushes and polishes!

    I love the photos on your blog, very well done, I appreciate good photos :)


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