16 March 2012

~ Empties #1 ~

These are the products which i have managed to finish, which must mean that i have been reaching for them more often than others since we all know how many products are not finished and left to one side. I thought that it would be good to do a blogpost on these empties and include a mini review so that you can read which products worked for me and whether they are good enough for me to repurchase.

The empties that i have accumulated include:

-MAC mineralize skin finish natural: Light medium
This lasted me for around a year and a bit, amazing product and i have already repurchased this

-Nivea essentials lip-balm:
My holy grail item that i always have in my handbag. Keeps my lips moisturised throughout the day and this is probably my 6th tube that i have finished and it is no suprise that i already re-purchased this straightaway.

-Clinique anti blemish solutions clearing moisturiser:
This is a really great product which controlled my oils very well and didn't leave my skin feeling greasy. I used this as part of their cleansing system and i really loved it. However, a downside to this is that it tended to dry my skin out a little bit, therefore right now i am venturing out into the Origins brand to see what they can offer and maybe repurchase this at a later date.

-Origins Modern friction:
Amazing product which exfoliates my skin gently and the lemony scent leaves it feeling invigorated and refreshed. I purchased this when it was in a jar form and it has lasted me for quite a while but i have repurchased this and i prefer it being in a squeeze tube form since it is much more convenient and hygienic to get to the product itself.

- M.A.C skin refined zone primer:
I got this a while ago and it was part of a set ( i think it was one of the sets in the tartan's tale collection) which was about a year ago now. This smells very fresh and smooths onto the skin very well as it has a more of a liquid texture as opposed to thick creams and silicon based products. I guess it works like an average primer and it is nothing special about it apart from the appealing smell. I don't think i will be buying this since it is quite expensive for what it does.

-L'oreal studio secrets smoothing resurfacing primer:
Woahh, i remembered when i first used this i was like in amazement. This was my first ever skin primer  along with the GOSH primer and i just absolutley loved it. This is my second jar that i have finished using and i will continue buying this regardless of how many other products that i try out. Right now i am using the benefit porefessional and i may switch back to this L'oreal one since it is at a much more reasonable price and i like the texture a bit more.

Hmmm, so that is everything for now and i am glad that i can do a post on my empty products so i can keep a track on what products are good or not.

Thank you for reading and i hope you have a nice day <3


  1. Ah, I've seen a lot on the MAC MSF powders, i think that maybe something to look into since Id like a bit of a glow on top of mattifying my combo skin. I havent got into primers at all for the face as its so humid here i mostly go with concealer and powder! love you descriptions :)

  2. hey miss! i just found your blog and i love it!
    now following you ♥! say hi back sometime?

    also, be sure to enter my *MAC Makeup Giveaway* that i've got going on today! what's there to lose, besides a free lipstick of your choice?

    hugs, xo!
    * BarbieBombshell.com *

  3. Great blog, new follower! x


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