22 February 2012

~ My love for my Sigma Brush set!!~

Last month, i decided to treat myself a little and get this brush set that i have always been wanting but never got round to actually buying it. Well, there was a january offer which allowed me to have a 10% off the order so i caved in and decided to go for it. I chose this Mr Bunny Vegan essentials brush kit because it looked more sophisticated as opposed to the Mrs bunny set which was pink and blue i believe. In total including the shipping, i spent around £75 which is not bad considering there are 12 brushes in the set and this is much more value for your money compared with other brushes like M.A.C. The parcel came around 2-3 weeks after my order (NOTE: i got charged £23 for customs) and it was in a sturdy cardboard box so the contents were not damaged at all which was nice. I opened it and i just loved the black vintage pattern on the side and it was pretty heavy which is always a good thing. I opened the box and inside was the most gorgeous great quality black leather case with two buttons on either side which is the signature design for sigma. All the brushes were individually wrapped in plastic and some of the larger ones had a brush guard on them to protect the bristles.

When i felt the brushes, i just literally FELL IN LOVE! The bristles were so so soft indeed and felt much nicer than the M.A.C brushes. I just wished that i discovered this brush set earlier so that i didn't have to spend so much on my M.A.C ones which costs a total fortune. It has been around a week that i have had these now and there is literally minimal to no shedding and they are wonderful to use with all the brushes you will need for you make-up in one place. The brush case is a bonus; since i travel to and from uni quite abit so the brushes are kept safe from damage :) I would definitely recommend buying sigma brushes to everyone! i know at first it seems alot of money but it is SO worth it for the quality you get. 

The brushes are all versatile and multi-functional so they can practically be used for another functions rather than what is stated. 
Brushes included are:

- Large powder F30
- Large angled Contour F40
- Duo Fibre F50
- Foundation F60
- Concealer F70
- Tapered Blending E40
- Large Shader - E60
- Medium Angled Shading E70
- Eye Shading E55
- Small Angle E65
- Pencil E30
- Eyeliner E03

Thank you for reading and i hope you have a nice day~

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  1. OMG...I'm sooo jealous!! :))

    I've been lusting for sigma brushes! but you can't find them here! In time I'll order a set probably! Have fun and enjoy them!!


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