26 February 2012

Just a classic french Manni :)

{Left - Right}
  • Rimmel nail tip whitener
  • O.P.I - Privacy Please
  • O.P.I - Top Coat
Everybody loves the simple and classic look of the french manicure- never outdated and a timeless nail design. I used the O.P.I top coat to finish it off to give it extra shine and more chip resistant! But its optional :) since the neutral peach colour gives an acceptable finish on its own anyway. This is the first time using the Rimmel nail tip whitener which has a thinner brush so that it made application easier since i normally do my tips free hand normally. The consistency was really nice, wasn't too thick or gloopy. It has been a few days since i've painted them and no signs of chipping so that is great stuff :)
(NOTE: i do not like bourjois white manicure polish as it cracks on the nails after a few days for some reason making it look horrible!)

Thank you for reading and have a great day <3


  1. Great pics lovely, so excited for the limited edition harrods glossy box this month :) x

  2. thank you :), yehh im really excited about the upcoming box too! i'm glad i didn't unsubscribe from them due to the fact that i was dissapointed with the box the previous month :)

    Have a great day <3


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