5 February 2012

~ GlossyBox January 2012: Valentines edition ~

So it's that time for my Glossybox review again :) This is my second box now and i just love how its kinda like unwrapping ur birthday present every time!! Once i removed the outer packaging, i noticed that the box was in a hot pink colour with a matte texture as opposed to the glossy december box~

I just love the ribbon and the small heart sticker!! ohhh how i do fall so much for packaging =.= But it is nice they they paid attention to detail hehe :)
Sooooo, my opinions on the packaging aside, lets look at some of the products they sent me!

1. EYEKO: Skinny Eyeliner in 'Plum' - Full Size £9.50 per pencil
My first thoughts on this was 'woahh, whats with the silver bit on the end?' apparently its a handle, so that you can get a precise definition and allows you to use the product until you reach the very end since with most eyeliners, it gets to a point where u cannot sharpen it anymore~ I just think its not that good of an idea, since it's just not very convenient for travelling and i don't even think that it will fit in make-up bags! The product itself was very creamy and the pigmentation was average. But within an hour or so, it started smudging like crazy and i ended up having panda eyes (the smudging may be due to my oily complexion) Very disappointed in this eyeliner and its innovative design with the handle is just quite an awful concept in my opinion.

2. WELEDA: One Step Cleanser & Toner - Full Size £9.95/100ml
"This soothing and cooling combination of Iris Root extract and Witch Hazel helps the skin to regulate its optimal balance between moisture and oil, as well as acting as a gentle astringent on the skin" When i first opened the bottle cap to this~ the smell was really strong! kind of reminds me of the 'origins' product smells since it's all based on natural plant extracts. I was a bit wary of using this product since my skin is really sensitive and it smelt really strong..but when i finally used it~ it gave me a refreshing and clean sensation with a bit of tingling sensation which i believe is the effect of the toner. This product is average in my opinion no matter how natural it is since it felt too drying for my skin even after rinsing with water. i had to compensate by using extra moisturiser where its normally not needed due to my oily complexion.

3. ORLY: Nail Lacquer in 'Ruby' - Full Size £6.95/18ml
I have seen this nail polish brand in boots and have been drawn to them by their vast range of colours; so i'm delighted to receive this in my glossybox this month. Unfortuneatley, im not too interested in the colour as its something that i never tend to wear. Nevertheless, i decided to check out its consistency out and it is highly pigmented and really smooth to apply.
Since its nearly valentines day, i may do a nail design using this colour so I will try it out properly in due course.

4. MURAD Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer - 'Dewy finish' - Full Size £29.00/30ml
"Oil-free, pore minimising formula creates the perfect canvas by concealing flaws, evening skin tone and can be used under or in place of foundation. One universal shade creates the perfect skin tone match." 
When i saw primer, i was expecting it to be clear and transparent to act as a base...but when i pumped the first pump out, i was so suprised. It was like foundation and it was so dark! Regardless, it was a light consistency and absorbed into my skin very quickly. Not too sure about the 'dewy' finish, as i already have really oily skin~ I didn't experience any oil control at all....and surprise surprise, within a few hours my face was already shiny! definitely going to stick with my matte primers!

5. FAB: Gentle Body Wash - Full Size £13.00/226.8g
"A moisturizing, irritant-free everyday cleanser ideal for even the most sensitive skin" on the bottle it states "relieves dry skin" Dry skinnnn? i dont have that! i have to complete opposite, so i don't know whether i should be using this or not regardless of how gentle it states to be. The product has a mild scent and it lathers up pretty well (i used it on my legs just incase) it left my skin feeling soft and smooth. Im not too fond of the packaging as i prefer something a bit more fancy and appealing to look at. Personally i wouldn't use this product in my beauty regime due to its moisturising aspects.

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P.s ~ They included a little sweet which is really cute.

Overall, the products received in this months Glossybox was average and not the most impressive as some of the products were not really suited or compatible with my skin. But im looking forward to next months box!

Thank you for reading and il update with another post soon! <3

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