21 May 2014



I was intrigued by CC cream ever since the craze all started and I was thrilled that my favourite drugstore foundation brand Bourjois has launched one. My holy grail drugstore foundation is the Bourjois healthy mix serum (Review here if interested) therefore I had high expectations of this CC cream.

Recently, my skin has been a little dry and patchy maybe due to my skin type changing or the weather taking its toll so I wanted to try a more moisturising formulation to not only help keep my skin hydrated, but to give it a more natural lightweight finish ready for the summer. I swatched this product on the back of my hand and although the consistency was watery and thin, the coverage was pretty good and easy to blend. 

The CC cream smells like all the other Bourjois foundations; a light florally scent, which I'm not too bothered about and I even quite like it to be honest. The tube is plastic and so easy to carry around when travelling and it doesn't take up much space. As a nursing student, it is so important to have a foundation that stays put throughout the day as I do not usually have time to touch up or powder and i must say that this foundation really does stay put and doesn't melt off my face as quickly as i thought. Obviously with my oily skin, i did need to use a finishing powder on top of it and touched up every 5-6 hours when my shine came through, but I really did like the look that it gave my skin.

The coverage is not only good, it also looks really natural and dewy which i think is perfect for summer. Using this has helped with my dry patches on my face as it does promise 24 hours hyrdation, although i don't have this on my face for that period of time to actually know whether it does or not. For under £10, I cannot fault this product and i have been using this non stop for the past several weeks as i have been waking up early and this product is a life saver for getting ready quick in the morning.

Have you tried any CC creams?
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  1. That is some of the best coverage I have ever seen. It's such an amazing product! I need to buy myself a bottle, xoxo ✿

    Cristielle |Fairytale Princess ☾•*

  2. i think it's really nice result *-*

    thank you for review ~

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  3. That looks absolutely awesome! I will need to try it! ^_^


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  5. nice review *_*


  6. Great post ,love!You have great blog:)Following you now via GFC,hope you’ll do the same!
    xoxo Antonella!

  7. Whoaaa I actually thought CC creams were really gimmicky and were just part of the overhyped bb cream craze. Its so nice to hear that there are good ones out there!

  8. What a brilliant sounding product, I have to admit I am not surprised as Bonjouris usually does not disappoint! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  9. This looks like a cool product! It covers your imperfections quite well, really want to try it myself!

    Tsui Chung.
    Fashion Ganache.

  10. Wow that looks like it works super well! Thanks for sharing <3

    x Jacquelyn

  11. The coverage looks good! And it looks natural too :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  12. The coverage is great considering this is a CC cream! Thanks for sharing :)


  13. I've tried this product too and it works so well, I love that it gives such a natural looking light finish :)



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