5 June 2013

TRESemme Liquid Gold || REVIEW

Due to over processing my hair, it is in quite a bad condition right now and i feel that it constantly needs a bit of TLC to give it the life that it should have. My hair is really fine and tends to get greasy easily so it is washed on a daily basis eventhough i am aware that it is not great to do so. My hair type and regime means that i have a high chance of product build up and also a tendency of having heavy greasy limp lifeless hair if i am not careful with which products i use.

I have used a couple of hair oils in the past, The VO5 Miracle concentrate and the L'oreal extraordinary oil, but i feel that i need to try out a new one just because i'm determined to find the perfect one and also because i am a cosmetics junkie and up for trying everything! So firstly, this hair oil smells so lovely and fresh which makes me enjoy using it on a regular basis. This product is lightweight on the hair if used in moderation. I tend to use just one pump and apply it evenly on the ends of my damp hair before proceeding with blow-drying my hair. After using this product, my hair definitely feels much more softer and smoother at the ends, aswell as making my split ends less noticeable. When i do not apply this hair treatment, i find that my hair doesn't feel as nice and as if it isn't nourished. I do recommend this product highly because of it's easy packaging compared with the VO5 one which is a bit of a hassle to use. It works amazingly well for it's price and i am really impressed with Tresemme
What is your favourite hair treatment?
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  1. This product looks really good! thanks for sharing...

    CMPang x

  2. I know how you feel, I have thick hair and gets greasy really quick T^T But I tried to wash it every other day. I haven't used this product before but I may give it a try ^^

    恵美より ♥


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