1 October 2012

~ My Hong Kong Beauty Haul ~

I went to Hong Kong for a couple of weeks during my summer holidays and i managed to pick up so many beauty products, mainly asian brands which are very difficult to get hold of in the UK. I think that i did go overboard a little bit and these will last me for quite a while and they have already taken alot of space in my beauty drawers! For some of you readers may not have heard of these brands, but i promise you that some of these products really delivers great results and i have heard many good things about them, therefore leading me to purchase these. Without further ado, im going to list the products that i have purchased and hopefully be writing more in-depth reviews on them in upcoming posts.

  • Laneige pore-minimising pack
  • Laneige water sleeping pack
  • Bioderma Sebium h2o 
  • CURE aqua gel
  • Essential ultra honey hair mask
  • CLIV Seaweed midiclear stemcell B.B cream (dry/sensitive skin)
  • CLIV Max hydraulic stemcell B.B cream (oily/stimulated skin)
  • Shu uemura Ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil
  • Liese foaming hair dye (Milk tea brown)
  • My beauty diary face masks (Apple polyphenol mask)
  • Jill Stuart lipgloss ( 07 romantic quartz || 19 juicy sunstone)
  • Skin food Fresh apple skin care range ( toner || emulsion || serum || cream)
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  1. I am so jealous!! When I went to Seoul I absolutely fell in love with Skin Food. They had this amazing exfoliating rice mask. And the packaging of asian beauty products are so cute! I've always wanted to try Shu Uemura products, but never got around to it yet.

    1. I would love to go to Seoul one day :) I haven't tried my skinfood product yet, but in store it felt like they were really good products. Oooh, exfoliating rice mask~ I didn't really notice that product amongst all their other products which i was overwhelmed with haha. Shu uemura products are amazing, but the downside is that it is quite pricey :(

  2. AHHHH I've been wanting to try the Cure aqua gel for the longest time ever!! How is it working for you? I've heard so many good things about it! =D

    1. hahaha, i have always wanted to try it too! but it was so hard to get my hands on it in the UK so when i saw it in HK i was delighted. Haven't used it yet because i've been trying to use up some of my remaining products first...but i will definitely do a blog post on it soon :) xxx

  3. looking forward to the cure aqua gel review, will you be listing where you got the products because Im probably going to hk next summer so I want to do some research before I spend all my money! Did you buy skinfood products from their actual store?

    1. I got most of the products from either SaSa, Bonjour or Mannings :) I'm sure you will see them everywhere when you are in hong kong hehe~ I bought skinfood from their main store just to be on the safe side...and they also gave me a discount when i bought several products :) xxx

    2. Oh I see thank you very much :)
      It's so good they gave you discount, I heard that skinfood can be quite pricey :( but then there products are amazing

  4. great hauls you got here, the Skin Food Fresh Apple set looks really cute and fancy ^_~ The JS lipgloss is just so irresistibly cute ^_~ Can't wait for your reviews on them ^_~

  5. Lovely haul!! The Jill Stuart lip glosses are so pretty both in terms of colours and packaging. I look forward to your reviews on these.


  6. wait an awesome haul :) can't wait for the in-depth review


  7. Love the packaging of the Fresh Apple products, they're soo cute! :) Looks like you got some great goodies.

  8. these products look so cute! :)


  9. I don't know much about Asian brands but I hope these products worked really well for you :) The only item you purchased that I'm familiar with is the Bioderma, which I love!

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  11. where did you buy the Cure Natural Aqua Gel? I asked my sister to buy it for me but she can't find it on Sasa or Bonjour. OTL


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