31 January 2012

Revlon: 044 Blue Lagoon Nail Polish

Spring is coming and i think this colour is perfect from the transition from the cold to the warmer spring. This Sky blue colour compliments my skin-tone very well making my skin seem brighter and whiter. 

(Two coats of polish)

Theres other colours out in the market which are similar to this colour, but i chose this one due to the tiny tiny shimmery particles which you can see only under certain lights. However, this is very difficult to apply. The consistency was very watery and the brush was very small so that application wasn't as smooth and streaked like crazy.

I have had this polish on for around a week and even without a top coat, i haven't noticed any chipping at all~ Amazing quality in that sense! BUT, bubbles do form on the surface after a day or two which makes it look rough and bumpy (as you can see in the photo above).....and not an appealing look at all. I dont think this would be a nail polish i would use often as it's a hassle to apply and theres many substitute colours available from different brands which may have a better consistency such as barryM.


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