3 July 2016


Beeing an avid user of makeup setting sprays over the past years, I think I can confidently say that I have found the perfect duo that I will ever need in my makeup kit. Being a combination oily skin girl can make it difficult finding the perfect finish foundation which does the oil control but compromises on the glow but these are the answers to my problems and totally changed my life. I have given up my favourite MAC fix+ and also my Urban decay allnighter after discovering these which are also a more affordable option.


Most setting sprays I use are mattifying due to my oily prone skin type. However, having fallen in love with the on trend dewy glowy look, I find that this spray allows my skin to have the radiance without making it look greasy. The spray is just like any normal spray but when it is dried, you can see the difference compared with the just powdered face. It is very affordable and the size is good for on the go. I would probably try out the matte version of this soon and see how it compares. Definitley a must try for getting a subtle healthy glow without breaking the bank. 

I remembered when I first used this, I wasn't too keen on the actual spray itself.  I wouldn't describe it as a mist personally because it was quite a forceful spray which is a bit uncomfortable and heavy when using. When you leave this spray to set, my makeup is definitley set in place and leaves a nice matte finish to touch. This spray has made my makeup last throughout the whole day of my work shifts and I feel that on days when I do not use this, I can feel and see the difference. One thing to remember is to make sure that it is well shaken before applying or else it would make your foundation patchy which is not what we want. A must try for oily complexions and I can say that I prefer it over the Urban decay all nighter.

Have you tried any setting sprays? 
♥ Love Ying x



  1. Would love the try the dewy spray! Never knew they existed :)

  2. i'm a big fan of fixing sprays but i never tried the ones you mentioned. i normally go for my trusty all nighter by urban decay.



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