24 June 2015


Spring time means that my skin is not as dehydrated as in winter so only a light moisturiser is sufficient for my combination-oily skin. I always like changing up my skincare routine across the different seasons because I feel that skin tends to get use to the product and they eventually stop working as well as initially. The past few months, I have newly purchase the Lancome Genefique and the L'occitane immortelle serum. 



My toner that I have been using back to back for the past couple of years. I love how gentle it is and the scent is very soothing. My skin is very sensitive so this is perfect for my skin and definitley makes it much more smoother and softer after cleansing. Although Lancome skincare usually is quite expensive, this toner is worth it as you get your moneys worth because a large size will last you for a while as a little goes a long way. I actually love the colour of this too and I don't think that I can fault this toner at all. 



Its nice to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from a young age, therefore I decided to invest in this youth concentrate. The concept of this product is that you are supposed to use this prior to the application of any serums and it would boost the effectiveness of the serum because the product will be able to penetrate the skin further. I have been using this for the past month during both day and night time. It makes my skin smoother in texture and it makes a great makeup base also. Can't say how well it works with regards to fine lines but I can tell the difference that it has made to my skin. 



After finishing my Estee Lauder advance night repair, the inner beauty junkie wanted to try out an alternative serum. Although I still dearly love my advance night repair I felt that there must be something else out there for me. I picked this L'occitane serum because I like how the brand uses natural products and it intrigued me that this serum is produced using flower extracts. This smells absolutely amazing and refreshing, although some people may not be too fond of scented products as it is quite strong in my opinion. Nearly finished this bottle but I am not too impressed with it as i didn't feel that it did much for my skin and it wasn't as hydrating as it promised. Due to the fact that my skin is quite sensitive, I found that it stings a tiny bit sometimes.  



My combination oily skin doesn't require much moisture during the spring time and overdoing on the moisturiser front makes me look like a horrible greasball. This product delivers the perfect amount of moisture and it feels very refreshing and comfortable to use. A non greasy formulation and a sorbet lightweight texture as promised makes this perfect for applying at night time and during the day underneath foundation. I've already featured this product in a product rave post. You can read more here if you are interested.



I adore the shape of the applicator because not only can it nicely distribute the product around the eye area, but it can work as a massaging tool to drain the lymphatic fluid around especially in the morning. The applicator has a cooling sensation too which makes it therapeutic to use and I love it in the morning to give me that extra boost to make me feel more awake. I like to store this product in the fridge because I find that the product works better when it is cold and can help decrease the puffiness of my eyes. Not sure if it helps correct lines and wrinkles as I do not have any yet (touch wood) but I can confirm that it makes the skin feel smooth and makes makeup application a dream.


♥ Love Ying x
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  1. The Body Vitamin E Sorbet is one of my faves! xx


  2. The vitamin E Sorbet sounds interesting *V* I wonder if the texture is really similar to a sorbet ;D
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  3. I've really been into skincare lately so I love reading posts like this! The Lancome products sound very interesting :) lovely post x


  4. I love the Body Shop Vitamin E range - how have I not heard of this one before? the L'Occitaine tonic sounds lovely too :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  5. I've actually been looking for a new eye cream, the L'Oreal one sounds amazing.

    I didn't actually like the Vitamin E Sorbet, I found it a strange texture, not sure if mine was a dud!

    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow


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