24 March 2013

SKINFOOD Fresh Apple Pore Range || REVIEW

For me, Asian skincare products have never failed to impress me. I somehow think that they just work so well on my skin and leaves really good results. The brands that i love to buy every time i go back to Hong Kong are Shu uemura, Laneige, skinfood and Shiseido which are sometimes hard to get hold of when i am back in the UK. Although Shu Uemura is available here, their prices are escalated quite a bit so i tend to prefer to buy when i am on holiday.

Firstly, Asia takes their skincare quite seriously and a lot of the skincare sales assistants would be really good at assessing your skin and give good recommendations (and force you to buy their products). Unlike the conventional 3 step Cleanse, Tone and moisturize, i was amazed by how many 'extra' steps there are in a full cleansing routine! I personally haven't tried any products from SkinFood before so i was interested in trying out some products from them this time round on my holiday which was last year by the way but i have only got round to using these products now.

I went to an actual Skinfood store in my local shopping centre and the lady removed all my make-up and actually tried out the full skincare range on me. I was so suprised by how it made my skin feel in the end. It felt alot smoother, soft to touch and it was suprising how dry and fresh my skin was despite putting so many layers of products on.

I can say that this range is very refreshing and i enjoy using it everyday as my skincare routine. The products smell very mildly of apples and i really adore the fresh fruity fragrance. I personally didn't purchase the cleanser as i think that i already have alot of cleansers to use up and i thought that the main skincare routine after the cleansing was the essential parts that made the difference. These products absorbs so quickly and it is very easy to apply onto the skin too without the feel of greasiness which i hate as i have oily skin. I find also that these products work great under make-up since i have mentioned that it leaves a nice dry finish to the skin even after moisturizing, therefore it allows me to apply a primer too before my foundation.

The only downside that i have to say about this range is the fact that they are all in glass bottles which was such a hassle for me to pack in my luggage for my flight and it nearly caused me to go over the limit! It is also a real nuisance for me because it is impossible to take these for travelling and some of the lids are not even un-screwable for me to dispense the product in a more travel friendly container. All in all, i am currently really enjoying and impressed by these and i have seen sound improvements in the size and appearance of my pores with the regular usage. Big thumbs up to SkinFood and i am planning to search on eBay for other products by this brand to try out! <3

Fresh apple sparking pore (Toner) (Emulsion) (Serum) (Cream)
Have you tried any Asian skincare products?
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  1. I've never really tried any asian skincare (other than shiseido) but I'm looking to experiment some more this spring :)


  2. I have never tried Asian skincare, but I really want to! These products sound lovely and I am really curious to try them myself! ((:

    I am running an International Giveaway on my blog now, and I'd love it if you enter! <33


  3. sounds like lovely products!

  4. Oooh apples! The bottles are gorgeous, shame they aren't travel-friendly!

    Megan xxx

  5. I love Skin Food, I haven't tried many products because they're even harder to get where I live but the make the loveliest things xx


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