18 March 2013

E.L.F Brush-Care Products || REVIEW

E.L.F Daily brush cleanser
My brushes has been regularly washed by my MAC brush cleanser for the past year or so and i have been through a few bottles of the MAC brush cleanser already. However, i thought that it was time for me to try and find a cheaper alternative and i thought that E.L.F was the answer when i saw this product on their website. To be honest, i kind of didnt expect the product to be so small, because on the website i imagined the product to be slightly bigger, but i only have myself to blame for not checking the product description before hitting the buy button.
So first impressions wasn't great then, and on first spray, the smell was awful and very artificial. It smelt really strongly of alcohol, so strong that i felt that it would not be that gentle for the bristles of my brushes at all. The product also leaked alot around the nozzle and i found my hand to be covered with the poor smelling product. However, the spray is very powerful at dispensing product out. I adopted the same standard procedure of washing my brushes but it was not suprising that the product performed very poorly in cleaning my brushes. I used a brown eyeshadow on my brush for the day and usually with the MAC brush cleanser, the brush gets cleaned almost instantly and the colour residue disappears effortlessly, but it really isn't the case for this E.L.F one. I am so glad i got this when E.L.F did their 40% offer because otherwise it wouldn't have been worth it at all. The product gets used up way too quickly because of it's ineffectiveness and the smell is just awful like i said before. Thumbs down to E.L.F cosmetics for this rubbish product.

E.L.F Brush Shampoo
Once again, this product smells really artificial and the smell is quite strong. However, i would say that it is quite effective at cleaning the brushes and it lathers up very nicely to remove the make-up product residues on the brushes. A little amount is needed to clean each brush so the bottle actually last quite a long time. I usually use johnsons baby shampoo to wash my brushes because they are much more gentle and i know wouldn't be too harsh on the bristles of my brush. I would like to stress that the strong artificial smell does remain on the brush itself and it does annoy me a little bit. I really do not think that this is worth it at all and i regret purchasing this as the baby shampoo which is alot cheaper does the same job and more gentle on my brushes.

How do you wash your brushes?

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  1. I have tried this and after finishing the bottle I never purchase again. I really don't think its worth it as it pretty much function the same with a regular shampoo >_<

  2. Oh dear what a shame! I use baby shampoo as it's the cheapest and easiest option! :)

    Megan xxx

  3. I use baby shampoo, too - it gets the job done and looks after my brushes, products like this always seem a bit "gimmicky" to me!

    Jesss xo

  4. i love to try those elf products out - eventhough i don't have that many brushes:) i wash my brushes with shampoo or soap hihi, that works really good as well.

    and regarding the gfc - as i know they will just shut down the google reader (RSS) and NOT gfc, so no worries:)

    lots of love <33

  5. I bought the elf brush cleaner and also thought it was rubbish. it did absolutely nothing along the lines of cleaning.

    For shampoo I use Johnson's baby shampoo as it's cheap and does an amazing job :)


  6. Baby Shampoo and olive oil all the way! We don't have E.L.F here but if I do buy it, that stuff would be overpriced haha, so yeah.


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