15 November 2014




I have to confess that these were totally impulse purchases from boots and I really regret picking these up. Firstly, the packaging is so lovely and with a stash of them all laid out nicely on the shelf I couldn't resist. There were a large range of difference scents that were very unique and interesting in my opinion such as 'sunshine' and 'four leaf clover', which is the reason why I was captivated by it and took them to the checkouts.


Firstly, I am aware that I picked up two fragrances that are both alcoholic beverages. Secondly, these smell exactly like how they ought to be smelling, hence drawing me to buy them. So, although they smell like what they are meant to smell like, I was horrified by how strong and potent the actual product was. I am a big fan of perfumes and I am an avid collector with an evergrowing collection therefore my reaction to these were quite shocking. These were making me cough and my eyes water. I can only describe it as when you get those really strong smelling deodorants or hairsprays that makes you uncomfortable to breathe. These were sold at 2 for £25 but in hindsight, I really was not prepared to part with my money if I knew. 


Apart from the potent product that leads to slight suffocation in my case, these really do not last for a long time. I would say a maximum of 2-3 hours which is quite dissapointing but equating to £12.50 for a 30ml bottle, I cannot really complain too much and kind of prepared myself for the worst. The packaging is nice and looks great on the vanity, but I did hope that the product was able to deliver to be used. Such a dissapointment and definitley the fail of the year for me product wise. 


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  1. Interesting, looks like nice bottles of fragrances by appearance ^^

    The names are are kinda funny!

    Thanks for the review, too bad it wasn't up to scratch with expectations.

    恵美より ♥

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  2. I went to the Boots Press Day when these were launching and PR told me that they are mainly supposed to be layered together, so you can mix and match scents to get your own unique fragrance. She told me that it's OK to wear them alone, but mainly they are to be layered together. Sorry it didn't live up to the expectations, I was sure staying power is way longer than 2-3 hours!


  3. I remember being emailed about surveys when they were prepping this product, but in all honesty I hadn't even realised it had launched. Maybe I will give them a miss.

    Lindsey. x

  4. Cool C:



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