5 August 2014


 Chanel joues contrast powder blush - £31

This blusher has been on my wishlist for a couple of years now. Every time I get my makeup done at a Chanel counter, the makeup artist would always choose to use this shade on me and I think it just really suits my skintone very well and really flattering. I never caved in to purchasing this though due to the expensive price tag this came with and I always vow to try and find an alternative shade that is similar to this one.

This blush has tiny shimmery particles and the colour is quite multidimentional. I would describe the colouring of this to be quite similar to the infamous NARS orgasm shade but a bit more on the pinkier side. The blush itself is very finely milled and applies so nicely. I don't use the brush provided as I find it to be a little bit too small and fiddly to apply with therefore I choose to use the Real techniques blush brush to apply to get a nice finish. The product is easy to work with and I find that the pigmentation is just right as some heavily pigmented products are quite hard to use and blend out to create a nice finish.

I was quite suprised to say that this blush did last quite a long time on my skin despite my skin being combination oily and I have to blot throughout the day. The colour just seems to work very well with my other face products and I think that it is definitley worth the money. This has got to be an expensive splurge for me but I just can't believe how much I loved it and put off from buying this for all this time. This blush is now in my everyday make-up bag and taken the place of my truley loved NARS orgasm :)

What is your favourite blusher colour?
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  2. i impulse bought this for my mom for an xmas present when i saw an SA wearing it. i havent even bought /myself/ chanel yet at that point lol. it looks great on you! and i sort of wish i were living with my mom so i could borrow it :P

    A Beautiful Zen

  3. Wow that blush looks gorgeus on you, I wonder if it would look as pretty on darker skin tones!
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  4. Hi Ying, don't think you can go wrong with Chanel Blushes! This a lovely shade. I love their bronzers and foundations but think i need to invest in their blushes too :)

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

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  6. Wow, that looks so pretty and glowy x

  7. the blusher looks soo pretty on you !!
    it gives a beautiful flush on your cheeks !

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  8. Oh my god! This blush looks so gorgeous on you! Please check out my beauty blog www.unlimitedposts.weebly.com It would mean so much to me! xxx Love your blog by the way!

  9. The blush looks gorgeous on you!!! :)

    Layla xx



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