14 May 2013


I am sure all you girlies out there will have certain preferences for their beauty products. I must say that i am very picky when it comes to cosmetics and make-up because i know what kind of products work best for me and i have learned through experience that some shades or formulation i must stay away from. So just for reference, i have combination-oily skin (oily T-zone and dry patches on the outer edges). My hair is long and frequently coloured so it is dry, damaged and very fine. I have short eyelashes that grows straight down like most Asian eyelashes and my eyebrows are quite sparse.

- FACE -
I have combination oily skin so i tend to be very greasy around my T-zone but dry around the rest of my face which is such a hassle when picking the right products that works well. I prefer to use oil-free products and i prefer my moisturisers to be gel-like consistency or very lightweight as i hate the feeling of product residue on my face. Foundation wise, i prefer oil-free matte finish although i do try some more dewy finishes but have to work harder with the blotting and the powdering.

- EYES -
These days, i find myself wearing less eyeshadow than the past years because now i want the emphasis to be on my eyelashes or my eyeliner. When i do decide i want to go for eyeshadow for the day, i choose neutral shades and this is where my beloved UD NAKED palette comes in handy because it has all the colours that i tend to use. Primer is a must because my eyelids tend to get oily so it helps to prevent creasing. I must always curl my eyelashes before applying mascara and i have to always use waterproof mascaras just to hold the curl in place otherwise they will droop rapidly. Eyeliner, i use black on my upper waterline and brown/bronze on the bottom.

- LIPS -
I have an obsession with lipbalms and i have a hoard of them either in my drawers or my make-up bag. I am more of a sheer lipstick kind of girl, although i do like lipglosses but find that they expire relatively quickly and i always feel a little upset when i have to throw them away. My favourite kind of lipsticks have to be sheer, moisturizing and easy to apply. Yes, my kind of lipstick is like the Revlon Lipbutters or MAC lustre formulations where minimal effort is required for application. My favourite shades are either pinks or corals as i find that they compliment my skintones quite well and i tend to stay away from reds because i am not brave enough to wear them out.

I enjoy mostly fresh or florally scents, although i do like a bit of the more sophisticate woody scents too. I apologize for not being able to describe perfumes properly but i will just tell you guys which perfumes i always tend to steer towards. During the day, my all time favourite perfumes are Chloe, Miss Dior Cherie and Daisy by Marc Jacobs because they are quite light (if you spray reasonably) and suitable for daytime use. If i felt like i wanted to smell a little more sophisticated for the day, i tend to go for more heavier stronger scents such as Gucci by Gucci, Gucci Guilty or premier as i find that these are a little bit more grown-up and mature.

- HAIR -
My hair is very fine and thin therefore most of my hair products must be either volumising or light-weight. I wash my hair everyday which i know is a bad thing but my hair tends to go greasy very quickly and i find styling just washed hair so much easier. On lazy days where i don't need to go anywhere, i use dry shampoo but i don't like the original ones that comes out white because they leave my hair quite ashy and grey looking. My holy grail dry shampoo is the Tresemme one for oily hair which is amazing and i have gone through so many cans already.

What is your all-time favourite product?
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  1. I started using less eye shadows as well to emphasize lashes and eye liner. It's important to do that I think =D I also work in an office environment so too much eyeshadow is a bit distracting.

    You're very pretty, btw ^_^

  2. I am also very careful when picking up makeup because my skin is quite sensitive so I don't want to mess with it...=)


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