13 April 2013

Sold by packaging once again || Candles Haul

I am currently re-decorating my room because i feel that i want a more simplistic modern look to it now that i am getting older and my brightly coloured painted walls really didn't take my fancy anymore. I was shopping around at TkMaxx hoping to pick up some nice furnishings for my room as i am aware of the lovely items that the shop always had to offer. It wasn't the amazing cushions, photoframes nor the lovely shabby chic drawers that drew my attention, but it was the whole shelf full of candles and reed diffusers. I just couldn't help myself with the never ending jars and tins of candles that i could have spent the whole day going through just smelling them. I did fall for quite a few candles and the prices were really reasonable compared with the usual yankee candles that i always buy because i was familiar with the brand. I finally chose these 3 candles purely because they smell great and i adore the simplistic looking packaging which i know will look great as decor for my new room.

Altogether, it came to just under £30 which i was quite happy about seeing that one of the candles was a slightly larger one which can be burned for a long period of time. I have become a massive candle hoarder and my collection is gradually growing! So the first two candles that i picked up were because of their lovely packaging with the postcodes and locations of London. There were other ones from the range with different places but i settled for these two because they smelt the nicest out of the bunch. Firstly, i picked up the 'W1A Piccadilly' which is described as having a 'Currant, Verbena & Lemon Thyme' scent and i adore it because it smells so fresh and clean, perfect for spring. The candle that i picked up was 'SW7 Knightsbridge'  which is described as having a 'Pomegranate, Cassis and Mandarin' scent, which once again smells nice and fresh which always tickles my fancy when it comes to candles. Both these candles were £7.99 and are sold as 'soy candles' which i can imagine being better for you as you burn it because i have heard many things about Yankee candles being harmful for you body. 

Next, onto the Calvin Klein one. I didn't even know that they did candles, but once again the simplicity of the packaging drawn me to it and it was a candle with 3 wicks which i've never really had because i have always contemplated on buying one of the NEOM ones, but it's too expensive. So the candle that i chose is 'water' out of the collection which i believe are all inspired by nature because i saw that there was 'leaf' and 'earth' but the water was the one i preferred. This was £12.99 which was a bargain considering the size and the beautiful clean scent it had even without having to burn it. If you guys haven't checked out TkMaxx yet, i highly recommend you to if you are obsessed with scented candles! Unfortunately, i am not sure on where else you can purchase these candles that i have picked up.

Have a lovely day everybody and what is your favourite candle?
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  1. ohh love candles! awesome haul :D

  2. Oh I hope my local TK Maxx has some of the soy candles. I've been wanting some for a while now but soy candles are always so expensive.

    1. I never realised that soy candles were expensive~ I've never heard of them until i picked these ones out hehe :D Hope you can find some at your TkMaxx <3

      X x X x X

  3. They look really pretty. I'm a sucker for packaging too! I was going to buy some candles in there a couple of weeks back but didn't. Now I wish I had :( x

  4. I love candles, I am going to have to look in TKmaxx for candles now :)



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