11 November 2013


I got this as a free gift from Glamour magazine. When i have heard that the brand Kate Spade has worked with Nails inc to bring out some colours which are perfect for the festive season, i wanted to get to WHSmiths as soon as possible. I adore the Kate spade ranges so i am pleased to get my hands on this polish as a freebie. On the shelf, there was only a couple of Glamour magazines left and both were of this colour 'Uptown Glamour' but i wasn't fussed because this was the one i really wanted.


When i finally applied it on my nails, i found that the brush was not rigid enough and hard to precisely apply the nail polish. The colour is absolutely amazing and the opacity was of high standards too, giving me an even coat of colour after just one layer. I find that this formulation was quite streaky though and it was a little bit gloopy. I'm not sure whether it is because i picked up a dodgy one or not, but i am willing to put up with it since the colour is beautiful and i love the brand Kate Spade. 


This colour is perfect for the festive season but not too over the top with the glitter and the sparkles. I quite like this muted down metallic gold colour as it gives a sophisticated look and goes well with most outfits. I am glad that i picked up with colour as opposed to the other ones because this one is a colour that is not in my collection yet whilst the other ones: Black, red and silver i believe are already in my stash somewhere and i find that those colours are more generic.


 Did you pick up glamour magazine this month yet?
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  1. I've read others say it is a bit streaky so you're not alone, pretty colour though :)
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  2. The color is very unique! x

  3. ive just picked one up. they only had the one magazine left and it was black. i needed a new black polish so it was fate :P i want to get the other ones


  4. beautiful color!! I love this Nail polish brand!!

    Moeri chan

  5. Hmmm Yum this color reminds me of christmas! Too bad for the streakiness, have you tried Seche Vite for a top coat? I find that it tends to even out the streakiness! <3

    I've just followed you on GFC, looking forward to your next post love!!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | 4 Steps: Bigger Rounder Doll Eyes

  6. Iv never tried a Kate Spade nail polish but what a nice colour!!
    Please check my blog out and if you're interested, please follow me :)


  7. is lovely :)


  8. Such a pretty colour and so perfect for the holiday season :)

    Debra Bros Blog

  9. beautiful, festive color :)
    I'm following u on GFC now, hope u can follow me back :)


  10. I love the color! It's so unique and shiny~
    Did you happen to apply a top coat, by the way? It doesn't seem like you did, but I'd like to confirm. *^*
    Thank you for the review! <3



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