19 August 2013


As far as i know, this mascara is not available in the UK yet but i picked this up when i was in Hong Kong earlier this year because it was heavily promoted in stores there. Firstly, it was the lovely hot pink packaging which drew me to it and i love how the design of it resembles a stiletto heel; very classy and sophisticated. The typography is very edgy and eye catching too on the sturdy yet light packaging.

This mascara contains little fibers as you can see in the image above and they are very flexible and soft. The formulation is very light and it glides onto the lashes and coats them very well. However, i do find that the formula is a bit wet and much care needs to be taken when applying or else it transfers to the skin. It lengthens beautifully and it is very buildable layer by layer to generate endless length like it states on it's tagline on its packaging! My lashes instantly looks longer and seperated after a couple of coats and no signs of spidery legs look. 

The only downside to this mascara is that it isn't waterproof. From an oily eyelid and watery contact lens wearer's perspective, a waterproof mascara is a must to avoid racoon eyes. However, this mascara has very good longevity and doesn't seem to smudge much compared with other non-waterproof mascaras but i find that some of the fibres slowly comes off during the day and ends up on my face sometimes as little dots or flakes. Due to it's non waterproof formula, it has a tendency to drop my nicely curled top lashes but works perfectly with my bottom lashes! Amazing mascara and i definitley recommend it to girls who wants perfect lengths for their lashes although i am not sure where you can purchase this apart from Asia~ such a shame.

What is your favourite mascara?
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  1. Maybelline mascaras seem always so good! Right now I'll try the rocket and the falsies mascaras (I'm a bit late on this one) xx

    // Inês Paúl //

  2. this one looks interesting, i haven't seen this one in our stores either. love fals lashes mascara by maybelline, also love the extreme mascaras by essence:) your lashes look super long here!:)

  3. Lashionista is a cute name x

  4. I think your lashes look great! I hope it makes it over to the US :)

    Jordan | Boho Vanity


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