3 February 2013

Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime beauty cleansing oil REVIEW

"Targets 8 skin concerns in one single step. Most advanced cleanser yet using 8 botanical origin oils to provide 8 outstanding skincare benefits:
Skin feels smoother 94%
Skin feels moisturised 92%
Skin looks more radiant 90%
Skin looks refined 92%
Skin looks revitalized 85%
Skin appears more translucent 90%
Skin looks more Supple 92%
Skin feels nourished 90%
* Consumer test on 49 Asian women using this twice a day"
150ml - £34
450ml - £68

I love the simplistic packaging that is always achieved for the packaging of Shu uemura products. I purchased this when i was in Hong Kong because i have always wanted to try out their cleansing oils and this  particular one was new on the shelves and i was drawn to it's claims and benefits. There are two sizes and i opted for the smaller choice because i didn't want to invest in a product that doesn't work for me. I use this product twice a day followed by my usual skincare that i use regularly.

First thoughts are that 3-4 pumps which is recommended would be too much product. I use only 1 pump which is enough in my opinion as the product spreads quite easily. I apply this all over my dry face and give it a good rub in. Eventually, i gradually add water which makes the product turn into a nice milky consistency and makes me feel that the make-up and dirt on my face is thoroughly washed off. What i like about this is how it left my skin feeling. My skin not only feel cleansed, but it felt soft, supple and nourished. This is so gentle that it didn't aggrevate my sensitive skin and although this is an oil, it did not make my oily skin any more oilier or clog my pores. 

I will definitely repurchase the full sized version of this when it is finished although i have noticed that the product does get used up quite quickly and everyday pump after pump, i see the products dissapearing right before my very eyes. In my opinion, the price for this product is really worth it for it's benefits and the way in which it makes your skin feels. I am not saying that i would agree with the claims made, but i do reckon it changed the condition of my skin making it feel much more replenished and hydrated. A bit thumbs up to Shu uemura for this product and i am very excited to try out the other skincare products by them! 

Have you tried any other cleansing oils?
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  1. Great review, I've always been curious about this cleanser! Sounds great :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  2. I have so many samples of the Shu Uemura cleansing oils, they are awesome. I purchased the Origins oil cleanser a long time ago and was turned off because I was using it wrong! I immediately used water on my face and hands with the oil, which obviously doesn't give the full effects of the cleanser. Anyway, I'm probably going to buy a Shu Uemura cleansing oil when I'm done with my samples. Have you tried their brushes? AMAZING!!

    1. I wasn't aware of the Origins one, but i am glad i didn't try it because i love this Shu Uemura so much. Yes, definitely purchase it and give it a try first, although it is probably better value for money if you purchase the large version which i should have done in the first place because mine is emptying quickly >_<. Nope, i haven't tried their brushes yet because i am aware that they are made of goats hair? which means that they are quite expensive? X x X x

  3. oooh, this looks nice! I am so going to try this too! thanks for sharing ^_~

  4. I've seen this around but the price is just unbelievable- and even moreso inflated here in Australia. The packaging is so simple yet sleek which I like. Great to hear that it made your skin soft and supple! I really wish I could try a cleansing oil like this that is a little more affordable.

  5. This sounds great but I think for me it might be a bit pricey boo x


  6. I really want this but am put off with the price tag! OUCH. Although for the benefits it provides, I guess it's well worth the price!

  7. I can't believe the price - sounds amazing though!

  8. the price is horribly inflated >< it's so much cheaper in Asia!

    i use two cleansing oils!
    one is also from shu uemura, it's the green premium A/O one, and it's also awesome! it cleans my skin very well, and i tend to break out less, plus, it smells super good with the green tea extract in it! i paid around 23 euros for two 100ml bottles when i bought it at hong kong airport! the other cleansing oil i'm using is a quite cheap one (5euros!) from kosé named softymo deep cleansing oil. it doesn't have as many skin caring benefits as the shu uemura one, but for removing make up, it does its job quite well :) it's really a good alternative!

    i use shu uemura for heavy make up, and the kose one if i only wear light make up. like this, the heavy price tag of shu uemura won't hurt too much ;D


    1. I don't where you from, but in Jakarta the price for the smallest ultime8 bottle is more expensive at $60. While the one I regularly use, I cant' remember what it's called, but it's the pink bottle; that one is $40. I think it's a lot cheaper if I buy it in Changi.


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