12 March 2012

~ Products i regret buying ~

 I haven't really purchased many items that i regret, but looking through my make-up draw, these were the products that i have just shoved towards the back because i really didn't like them or it just didn't work for me. All my reviews are just my own opinions so what doesn't work for me may work for you! since everybody's skintype and skintones are different. 

Products includes:
  • GOSH velvet touch line perfector
  • GOSH cover me up make up mousse -Shade 01 ivory
  • No.7 eyeshadow trio: 
  • Body shop lip-liner: NUDE
  • Models own nail polish: Pastel pink
1. GOSH velvet touch line perfector (forgot to take an individual picture of it but its in the image above)
After using their usual primer which comes in a pump, i thought i would give this one a try since the cream consistency would be better in the dry weather conditions these day. In the store i tried it on the back of my hand and it rubbed in ever so smoothly like any other primer would do so that made me buy it. The first time using it, for some reason, the product just didn't rub in at all and it just slid around on my face and it felt disgusting! I thought that i used too much of the product so fair enough. The next time i gave it a try, i used less of the product working a little in at a time, but the same thing happened. It just felt like it wasn't melting and remained quite creamy in texture and didn't get absorbed into my skin- it just sat on top. I should have just stuck with the original one to be honest but oh wells!! Don't know if this happened to anybody else too?

2. GOSH cover me up makeup mousse - Shade 01 ivory
Yet another GOSH product disappointment. I remembered back in the days when i was younger i used to love my L'oreal dream matte mousse, so when i saw that GOSH did a mousse formula too i decided to give it a try. This was the lightest shade they had so i went ahead and purchased it. Oh no, the colour was really really orangey, like tan colour and it did not work at all. The mousse was really thick and cream like that didn't blend out nicely, it just sat on the skin like some horrible mud. It felt really disgusting that i never ended up going out with it as i removed it from my face straight away. Really stay away from this at all cost!

3. No. 7 eyeshadow trio: Brown colours
Moving away from GOSH products, this No. 7 just didn't do anything for me at all. Expecting it to be better quality since it's boots own brand was actually very dissapointing. The colour pay off was poor and all three colours were really shimmery and looked practically the same. It was very chalky and alot of fallout was involved. The swatches i did in the image below was 'heavily' swatched, i must have swiped it like 5-6 times. I wouldn't recommend spending money on these eyeshadows, even with the £5 off voucher. Sorry, just didn't work for me and other drugstore brands may even be better!

4. Body shop lip-liner: NUDE
I have no idea why i bought this. This was my first lipliner i bought since i've always been more of a lipgloss kind of girl. The lady at the make-up section at the body shop recommended this for me and she stated that it was a lovely colour and many people have bought this. The swatch at the back of the hand looked really nice and the colour was pretty too with a hint of pearly shimmer. So with some pressure and encouragement, i bought it. When i used it, i realised that the product on the lips was a totally different story! the pencil was really hard and hardly any colour went onto my lips. A total waste of money and now its been shoved at the back of my drawer. May have just been a mistake in colour choice, but this had really put me off lipliners.

5. MODELS OWN nail polish: Pastel Pink
Not really a big fan of models own polishes and i only own a few that i rarely use. One day, i wanted to do my nails a pink colour and i chose to try this polish out. When i unscrewed the cap, a really heavy scent of paint emerged and it reminded me of the paint used for walls. Surely the smell so strong cannot be good for the nails, but i went ahead to paint my nails using this after applying a good couple of base coats to protect my nails. The consistency was very watery and it was almost like paint and horrible to apply. The colour really didn't complement my skin aswell, made me look very dark and dirty! i immediately removed this colour after i applied on ONE nail only, it was that bad. Probably just me. i wonder how the other nail polishes from this range is, im too scared to try any other colours now since i'm avoiding them after the smell is deterring me from using them.

Thank you so much for reading. Are there any products you regret buying?


  1. One of my regret purchases also was a pencil from the body shop! It was a brown kohl pencil that goes so smoothly on the back of your hand but is so dry and hard, and tugs when I try applying on my eyes!

    I've heard lots of good about rimmel lip liners just to let you know! Very well reviewed!

    I tend to think body shop is better for skincare/bath care and foundations...they're make up is so so...!

    thanks for sharing! :)

    1. awws, thank you for the recommendation of the rimmel lipliners~ i should check it out soon!
      and omg i think i have that brown liner from body shop haha, i have used it a few times and really have to apply it repeatedly to get the colour!
      shame that body shop make-up line not that great and yeah definitely love their skincare stuff :) smells nice



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