8 February 2012

~ ' Rimmel: Sky High' Nails ~ Review

Rimmel 60 seconds fast drying nail polish in '825 Sky High' is perfect to kick start your spring! I recently purchased this colour from superdrug since i realised i dont have many turquoise colours and i thought that it would be nice to try out something different rather than my pinks and neutrals. The colour is a cool turquoise colour which reminds me of the ocean and it is just an amazing colour to wear and it complements my skin-tone very well, making it appear whiter! (which is always a good thing since its flattering) 
The brush is a little bit thicker than usual but its claim to be a "1 second express application" kinda failed, since the width didn't stretch to the whole of my nail and 3 strokes were still needed to complete the application. Overall, the fatter and flatter brush did provide more control.

The consistency of the nail polish was quite thick, but a single layer was really sheer and seemed to be manageable and buildable. The formula was very quick drying too which is great! Definitely need to check out more rimmel nail polishes since they are good quality for the price. Pictures were taken around a week after application without a top coat, therefore it can be seen clearly that it isn't prone to chipping much and very durable :)

Thanks for reading and i hope you have a nice day~ <3

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